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The Historic and Picturesque Inn of Bellport Village
New York

Come "Great South Bay" with Us.

A quaint, seaside town located on the South Shore of Long Island, Bellport Village has long been a destination for both day trippers and summer residents. Temperance Hall is nestled along Main Street which is lined with local storefronts, cafés, restaurants and bars where customers are known by name.  Stroll left on Bellport Lane and take in the salt air down at the marina on Great South Bay, overlooking Fire Island.  Bellport also boasts one of the most well-known theatres in the region, the Gateway Playhouse. The Village is a rare municipality with its own golf course and tennis complex, a private Fire Island ocean beach lovingly referred to as "Ho-Hum Beach" as well as a bay side beach named "Mother's Beach".  Bellport Village and Temperance Hall have all the makings for a celebrated and soulful getaway. 

 Think beach vibes year-round.

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Temperance to Ho-Hum flyover 📷 cred @smiely

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